I hate Valentine’s Day

When I was a kid, growing up in Canada, shortly before Valentine’s Day we made these large envelopes in school art class. We taped them to the front of our desks and in the days leading up to the 14th of February, everyone could watch their envelope, and everybody else’s envelopes, getting fatter and fatter, or a little bit fuller, or, (and yes this also happened) stay empty. Later, in High School we had carnations. Again, in the days leading up to Valentine’s one could buy a carnation with a note and have it sent to a certain person on February 14th. Come the day of days, there would be the people with the piles of carnations, the people with a few (you could usually count on best friends at least), and the people who sat through all this and left with no carnation at all. All I can say is: I am so glad I am not a kid anymore. When I was sixteen I spent a year in Germany, this was a long time ago and at that time, Valentine’s Day was virtually unheard of in Deutschland. I remember desperately searching for cards and candy to send to my friends at home and after much effort I finally found a department store with  a little table scattered with a few tacky stuffed hearts and some cheap chocolates. I looked at the sad display and could just not bring myself to spend my meagre pocket money on these terrible heart-shaped China-Trinkets. From that day on, I never really did Valentine’s Day anymore. Now, over the past 30 years, it has caught up with me again, to the point that it is starting to get on my nerves because I am reminded of my younger days when everyone wanted to know how many carnations you got…

This might seem strange coming from me. After all, Petit Boudoir is a little haven for love, lovers, all things beautiful, romantic, fluttering hearts, hot hands…basically everything that Valentine’s Day kind of stands for. I suppose, for the boutique, I could try to make a big thing out of this day. Do a marketing event, invite people around, put out the red carpet, hand out roses….but I did nothing this year. It was a conscious decision. In the years between having your love-worth measured by how many cards get stuffed into your envelope or how many carnations get distributed to your desk, and today, I have thankfully come to realise that self worth is much too important to hand over to any kind of mass-marketing endeavour. And so, I am kind of striking on the Valentine-Front. Of course it is wonderful to have someone do something nice for you. To be invited for a romantic dinner, a tryst, someone brings you a trinket out of the blue, sends a card…the options for ways of showing love, or lust, or friendship, or just bringing a smile to someone’s face are almost endless. And the best thing is, usually, it’s just that: Something special between two people. It’s not a popularity contest, nor a measure of just how much one is loved, nor a public display. It is a message meant for one person, because that is what love is all about.

So what do I want to say? Forget Valentine’s Day. Or enjoy Valentine’s Day. But leave it at that: A day, just like any other day, when, should you be lucky enough to feel the urge, you can do something nice for somebody else. Love, lust, crush, partner, friend, stranger, neighbour, anonymously and quiet, or yelled from the rooftops for all to hear. Just feel it – that is the important thing. And as is always the case, if you do it because you feel it and not because you ’should‘, because it is a certain day or a certain dictate, then most likely it will be received that way: Heartfelt. If Valentine’s Day reminds you of what you feel, then no holds barred! Get out that heart of yours and pour it on 😉

I, for my part, am not expecting any envelopes today. Nor carnations. Where there are expectations, there is often disappointment, despite what you tell yourself. And then along comes a card, and I go ‚awwwwwww…‘ Love is in the air! Today, tomorrow, any day. Just be sure to catch it where you can and ENJOY!

Kisses from Petit Boudoir,


p.s. And wear nice underwear! Every day! You never know if you are going to get lucky, or need a doctor 😉



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